5 Things to Cook When It's Too Cold to Go Outside

5 Things to Cook When It's Too Cold to Go Outside

Meghan Splawn
Jan 5, 2018
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A snow day is like any other day: You need to eat! After all, you'll need fuel for your movie marathon or playing in the snow. But since you can't (or don't want to) leave the house for groceries, and dinner out is also probably out of the question, you'll need to be a bit smart with the things you already have in your fridge, freezer, or pantry. And, chances are, there are some things in there that probably need to get used up anyway.

Here, then, are five ways to feed your family on a snow day. Bonus: You'll clean out the fridge, freezer, or pantry at the same time.

1. Casserole it.

Combining a little of this with a little of that is what makes casseroles so beautiful. Skillet pot pie and mac and cheese are two of my favorites for cozying up to on a cold night.

More cozy casserole ideas: 25 Satisfying Casseroles for Cold Winter Nights

2. Turn anything into a melt.

Take a slice of bread, top it with melted cheese, stick anything in between, and you have a melt! While tuna and turkey are classics, don't limit yourself to these two ingredients (a can of chickpeas mashed and seasoned with your favorite spices or that container full of leftover roasted vegetables from last week's meal prep can be turned into melts, too). For optimal results, toast the bread before topping and then broil for a few minutes to melt the cheese.

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3. Make eggs into frittatas.

Chances are that you've got some eggs in the fridge (especially if you stocked up on the essential three ingredients — bread, milk, and eggs — before that snow storm hit), so why not make the most of them by making a big, beautiful frittata? Much like casseroles, frittatas are best for binding small portions of this and that into something more than the sum of its parts.

I also love frittatas because you can enjoy them warm and then dig back in for another slice after padding around the house or watching a movie.

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4. Make pizza from scratch.

You've got all day to mix up a batch or two of pizza dough, and you should because pizza never disappoints. You can make pizza sauce from canned tomatoes if you need to or skip the sauce entirely. Top with anything in the fridge and have zero regrets.

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

5. Bake to share.

You know how you're always like, "I wish I had more time to bake!" Well, look at that — you've got a whole snow day to make cookies, bread, or even a cake. You can stock your freezer with cookie dough (for your future self), walk freshly baked treats to neighbors, or save some to take to coworkers when the snow melts. Use up the butter and eggs in the fridge, sure, but don't forget about the yogurt or those fancy chocolate bars you keep meaning to bake with either.

Bonus: If you really use up all the food in your fridge, you might as well give it a deep clean too.

Did you have a snow day recently? What did you make?

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