5 Kitchen Necessities You Don't Actually Have to Store in the Kitchen

5 Kitchen Necessities You Don't Actually Have to Store in the Kitchen

Dana Velden
Aug 20, 2012

After spending years in a succession of one-butt kitchens, I am currently enjoying a somewhat spacious kitchen setup. However, even with a lot of room, I've discovered that I still need to economize on storage. Here are five somewhat surprising things you don't necessarily need to keep in your kitchen proper.

Of course, much of this depends on your setup. Where you eat, what kind of storage you have in other parts of your house, whether or not you have a pantry or a basement will all influence how much you can play with your kitchen storage. The main point is that just because you use something in the kitchen doesn't mean you have to store it there.

1. Cookbooks
Unless you have unlimited shelf space to use up, it's not necessary to store all of your cookbooks in the kitchen, especially if you are like me and own dozens and dozens. If you have the space, keep maybe a half dozen of your most used cookbooks in the kitchen and store the rest in another area of the house.

2. Dishes
Store your dishes where you eat. In many of my smaller kitchens, this meant the dining room or on shelves in the dining area of the kitchen. The exception would be a few glasses near the sink for drinking water and coffee/tea mugs.

3. Refrigerator
This one might be controversial for some, but if you have a large pantry or enclosed porch off of your kitchen, then moving the refrigerator there will free up quite a bit of space and bulk. I have seen several kitchens really open up when the refrigerator was moved to an adjacent porch or pantry.

4. Pantry
Store bulk goods and all those cans of stewed tomatoes you got on sale in your pantry, basement or garage. Keep only smaller amounts in your kitchen proper, replenishing as needed.

5. Cleaning Supplies
Daily cleaning supplies like dish soap and counter spray (if you use it) are fine, but it's not necessary to keep all of your cleaning supplies in the kitchen.

What typical kitchen items do you store in other parts of your house?

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