Recipe Review: Fig Cocktail No. 1

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It’s easy to get into a fall cocktail rut. You’ve probably already had a few spiced apple ciders, and pomegranate martinis are everywhere we turn. It’s time for something fresh and different.

The trusty fig gets a lot of attention when it comes to appetizers and desserts. It pairs beautifully with a nice salty cheese and is perfect atop a rustic tart or galette. But how about muddled in your favorite cocktail? Yes, please!

Kelly Carambula, author of the blog Eat Make Read, features a weekly cocktail that she creates herself. They’re always seasonal and use ingredients in ways that often surprise us. Last week, Kelly featured a Fig Cocktail that paired rosemary simple syrup, vodka, lemon juice, and figs. We had to try it. And we’re here to report back that you should, too. The fig flavor is subtle but definitely still apparent, and the rosemary and lemon give it a very refreshing twist. This would be a perfect pre-holiday libation, or a fabulous way to use up any remaining figs you may have laying around.

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