5 Store-Bought Snacks to Keep on Hand for Last-Minute “Appy” Hour

updated May 1, 2019
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So you decided to have some coworkers over for a drink after work? As in, one hour from now? Cheers? If you haven’t had a chance to go grocery shopping in a while, this might send you into a panic: What will I feed them? It might be a little late for tonight, but in the future we suggest keeping any and all of these groceries on hand. Together, they’re a little random, sure. Pull them out out separately, though, and you’ll look like an entertaining wizard.

  1. Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits, $2.50 for nine ounces: The only thing better than a Triscuit? This version with rosemary and olive oil. They’re the ultimate grocery store find in a sea of uninspired crackers and processed snacks. Pair a box with hummus, gourmet meats, or even that spray cheese from a can. They’re Triscuits and anything goes!
  2. Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms, $5 for 14.4 ounces at Trader Joe’s: Preheat the oven as you pour the first drinks and you’ll have snacks before you’re all ready for a second round. Each mushroom cap is piled high with spinach and cheese filling, and topped with crispy breadcrumbs.
  3. Castelvetrano Whole Green Olives, $7 for 10 ounces at Jet: We’re partial to castelvetrano olives over here, but really any olive is a good olive when it comes to entertaining at home. Why? They’ll last a while in the fridge and they’re perfect for casual picking.
  4. Marcona Almonds, $18 for one-pound bag at Nuts: Skip the boring —and often too salty — regular almonds and serve some marcona almonds, which are more tender and sweeter than the alternative. We love them on a board with cheeses and grapes or just in a bowl on the coffee table.
  5. Klondike Ice Cream Bars, $4 for six at Jet: Who’s going to turn down a Klondike bar? No one — that’s who. All you need to do (get the subtle nod to the treat’s tag line?) is cut them in half and serve them on a wooden board with chopped nuts, sprinkles, and a side of whipped cream.

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