5 Spooky Ways to Use Dry Ice at Your Halloween Party

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Diana Yen)

What’s the number-one way to take your Halloween party to the next level? Dry ice. There’s something still so mysterious and awe-inducing about the hyper-cooled substance (and the fog it creates when it comes in contact with water) that adds to the ambiance of any spooktacular party.

To get those creative juices flowing, here are a few spooky and favorite ways to use dry ice.

Just remember to be careful and follow basic precautions when dealing with dry ice (let the kids look, but not touch!).

  • Pumpkin Punch Bowl – Honestly Yum: The trick with this spooky, smoky punch is putting your nesting mixing bowls to good use. This keeps the dry ice out of the actual punch, but ensures you have plenty of fog.
  • Individual Cocktails – Betty Crocker: You can actually put the dry ice directly in your guests’ drinks if you want, just caution them not to drink the dry ice cube. We’d recommend picking up a package of straws for spooky and safe drinking.
  • Jack-0′-Lantern – Esposito’s Ice: Want your jack-o’-lanterns to billow fog throughout your party? Simply put a piece of dry ice inside the carved pumpkin and drop some water on it. You can also put a chunk of dry ice in a bowl filled with water — just be sure it’s a shallow bowl, so the fog only escapes from your jack-o’-lantern’s grin.
  • Dry Ice Bubbles – Mile High Mamas: Work this setup into your costume, and you’ll be sure to delight guests young and old at any party you attend. Using an empty two-liter bottle and some bubble solution, you can drop dry ice fog bombs all over the party.
  • Cauldron – Jacquie Barker on Flickr: Don’t forget the classic cauldron. If you want dry ice purely for decorative purposes, we love this cauldron idea, complete with sticks and orange string lights to make it look like it’s smoking over a fire.