5 Dishes to Help You Celebrate a Very Grown-Up Halloween

(Image credit: The Hungry Babushka)

Halloween-themed food isn’t exactly in short supply this time of year! Jell-O in a brain mold will always steal the show (and our hearts), but perhaps you want something darker and more sophisticated, something more grown-up, this Friday evening.

Today we have five dishes that are dark and moody enough for a creepy holiday, but without reminding you of your 5th-grade Halloween party.

We’re dying to try all of these dishes, and each has a slightly dark or sexy edge. It could be their color or their ingredients, but they’re rich, decadent and finger-licking good (but not shaped like a finger… thank you internet).

  1. Squid Ink Pasta: Dark and ever-so-slightly creepy, with a grown-up saline edge of bitterness, this squid ink pasta is the quintessential adult dish for Halloween. Get the recipe: Seafood Squid Ink Pasta with Goji Pangritata at The Hungry Babushka.
  2. Indian Spiced Chicken: This dish from Donald Skehan is for those of you running around attending to teeny Olaf and Elsa-look-alikes on Halloween evening. It’s rich in flavor and a perfect one-pot meal for your busy night! Get the recipe: Indian Spiced Chicken Pot from Donal Skehan.
  3. Roasted Black Radish & Grape Quinoa: Side dishes are never easy, but Brooklyn Supper is making it simple with this roasted combination. It’s perfect to complement any Halloween meal! Get the recipe: Roasted Black Radish and Grape Quinoa at Brooklyn Supper
  4. Chocolate Clafoutis with Caramelized Oranges: From the kitchen of Jamie Oliver, this dish is a silky smooth and citrus delight! Get the recipe: Chocolate clafoutis with caramelized oranges at Jamie Oliver
  5. Black Licorice Ice Cream: This simple dessert by Matt O’Connor of The Icecreamists is easy to make in advance and is the spookiest of them all. Think of it as a grown up twist on a Good n’ Plenty! Get the recipe: Black Ice Licorice Ice Cream at Epicurious

Do you have a favorite dish for an adult Halloween party? Share your favorites below!

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