5 Splashy Backsplashes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lots of us have backsplashes finished in tile or plain old paint. But we might be missing out on some real opportunity! Backsplashes can be a wonderful place to get creative with an elaborate accent or even splurge a little since they generally cover relatively little square footage:

These are five unusual backsplashes that step beyond the norm and really make a splash:

1 a crystaline design from UltraGlass
2 recycled surfboard backsplash at Lofts @ Cherokee Studios
3 glass mirror mosaic
4 This one’s made of repurposed soda cans (and that fridge is no wallflower, either!).
5 Okay, this is tile, but they’re nothing typical about it. Designed by Kimberly Hall with SICIS mosaic tile.

(Images: UltraGlass, Tara Wujciks, Patricia Gray via re-nest, Craftster, Eric Striffler via CocoCozy)