5 Smooth & Summery Smoothies

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Fresh fruit is a staple in the summer and honestly, I can’t get enough. While I love to eat fresh fruit straight up, sometimes it’s even better to blend them together. Don’t think smoothies are too time consuming to whip up — they really only take a few minutes!

Smoothies can be made from any combination of items. Traditional varieties can include straight up fruit such as strawberry and pineapple and the outcome is always so refreshing and delicious. If you’re trying to be a little more creative, try the Banana Cashew Smoothie from Real Simple. It sounds so creamy, refreshing and a really delicious snack.

There are smoothies for just about anything: health, diet, snack, dessert — you name it and there’s a smoothie for it. Here are 5 smooth and summery smoothies to try:

Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie, Annie’s Eats
Green Machine Smoothie, Cookie and Kate
Spring Forward Vegan Smoothie, Lunch Box Bunch
Banana Cashew Smoothie, Real Simple
Watermelon Smoothie, Martha Stewart


(Images: Annie’s Eats; Cookie and Kate; Lunch Box Bunch; Real Simple; Martha Stewart)