5 Smart Ways to Store Your Coffee Mugs

updated Jun 9, 2019
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If you think about it, a coffee mug is sort of a sacred vessel. After all, it’s responsible for getting caffeine — in the form of a latte, coffee, or tea — into your body. Plus, a bunch of them together can be a bright and colorful sight. So instead of stashing your favorite mugs in the cabinet, here are five ways to show them off.

1. Hang ’em up!

Not only is pegboard affordable, but it’s also easy to customize. Cut it to the size you need to perfectly fit your mug collection, just like this clever version from A Study in Contrast. You can paint it to match your kitchen and frame it for a more finished look.

See the rest of the space: Coffee Bar Command Center at A Study in Contrasts

(Image credit: Bree Hester for Baked Bree)

2. Rack them.

For a less involved project, you can pick up a rack that basically turns mugs into a small work of art. Just look at this setup from Baked Bree. Wondering where you can get this minimal-yet-refined wall rack? It’s available here for $85. If that’s too pricey for you, Bree has another (less expensive) idea: Stack mugs semi-neatly in a wire basket.

See the basket idea: My Mug Collection at Baked Bree

(Image credit: Mandi Johnson for A Beautiful Mess)

3. Build a custom shelf.

How sweet is this house-shaped DIY shelf created by Mandi Johnson for A Beautiful Mess? If you’ve got a minimal amount of mugs, but would love to keep them out of your cabinets, you can customize this project to fit what you’ve got. It would look perfect placed right over a coffee station, where overnight guests can make themselves at home.

Get the how-to: House Shaped Shelf DIY at A Beautiful Mess

(Image credit: Vintage Farmhouse Finds)

4. Stack them.

Don’t be afraid to go vertical by using a three-tiered dessert tray. You can save counter space and still keep all your mugs and supplies together. This one could probably use a few more mugs and a few less plants, but you get the idea. Any dessert tray will work, or you can pick up the one you see here.

Buy: Wooden 3-Tier Tray, $129 at Vintage Farmhouse Finds

(Image credit: Victoria Smith for SF Girl by the Bay)

5. Grab a cart.

Tiny kitchens are tight on counter space, so forget fitting your espresso machine on there. Instead, steal this ingenious (and gorgeous) idea from SF Girl By Bay and corral mugs, your machine, grounds, sugar, and tools all in one perfect spot: a cart. Wheel that beauty right into the dining room during a dinner party — or your bedroom, if you want a latte in bed. (For another take on the coffee cart, check out the IKEA RASKOG setup here.)

Get a closer look: Coffee Cart Overload by SF Girl By Bay

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