4 Smart, Fresh Ways to Use Pegboards in the Kitchen

A classic kitchen pegboard.(Image credit: Wanda Ely Architect)

Are pegboards the greatest kitchen storage solutions of all time? Going off of these photos, we’re inclined to say yes.

Check them out and get some inspiration for your own kitchen.

(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

1. On an island

Look! It’s an island covered with a pegboard for even more functionality! Perhaps the smartest idea here, though, is to hang baskets from the board. This way, ingredients and smaller tools are always at the ready.

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(Image credit: dille-kamille.nl)

2. Above a breakfast table

This super-sweet pastel setup just goes to show that less can be more. It’s not overloaded with stuff, and that makes it a great fixture for over a small breakfast table. Think about it — you wouldn’t want to sit under a jumble of pots and pans, would you? But because this guy just has just around a dozen small items, it feels totally minimal.

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(Image credit: Balázs Glódi)

3. Oversized!

An updated and surprising take on the pegboard, this one features oversized holes, which hold sturdy pegs that can, in turn, support small shelves. The holes that don’t have pegs end up creating some sort of cute polka-dot wallpaper effect.

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(Image credit: Liz Clayman for Refinery 29)

4. Over a drink station

There is so much storage in this single photo! Look at all that stuff on the shelves under the coffee machine and Vitamix! And then all that stuff on the pegboard. It even has a magnetic knife block. This one little nook is basically a complete kitchen — minus the sink.