5 Small Ways to Reorganize Your Fridge for Smarter Cooking

updated May 13, 2022
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If you cook regularly, your fridge probably looks a lot like mine: stuffed with ingredients for upcoming meals, leftovers from previous meals, and odds and ends from cooking (half an onion here, an almost-full container of chicken broth there). It’s not easy to keep a hardworking fridge like this clean and organized, but we have 5 simple tips for quickly reorganizing your fridge for more space, more efficient cooking, and even better eating habits.

1. Need more space? Add a basic wire shelf.

Spacing shelves to accommodate tall items like pitchers, sometimes leaves you with a lot of excess headroom. Make the most of that space by adding an inexpensive wire shelf, so you can easily stack shorter items on top of each other.

2. Make it easy to grab what you need. Use a lazy susan.

Place frequently-used items on a lazy susan in the fridge and you’ll never have to empty out the items in the front in order to reach what you need in the back.

3. Too many condiments? Keep them organized with empty six-pack holders.

If the opening of your fridge is accompanied by the sound of many small bottles rattling and crashing over, try storing all those hot sauce bottles and jam jars in an empty cardboard six-pack holder or two.

4. Does opening the fridge door get in the way of cooking? Reverse it.

The hinges on most refrigerator doors can be switched, so that the door can open in either direction. If the layout of your kitchen doesn’t work with the direction the fridge door swings open — switch it! It’s an easy fix that can make a huge difference.

5. Want to eat more fruits and vegetables? Move them to the middle shelf.

Instead of tucking them away in the bottom drawers, place fruits and vegetables in the middle of your fridge, where you’ll see them every time you open the door and be more likely to eat them.

Do you have any other tips for simple ways to reorganize your fridge?