5 Sinfully Satisfying Desserts For Your Lunchbox

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There are some folks out there who are OK with calling a granola bar a dessert, but not me. I want something slightly sinful with more than a little satisfaction. Here are five quick recipes that pack well, are easy to whip up, and will cure any craving.

1. Easy Dessert Recipe: Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Skillet Blondies: These blondies can be made ahead of time and pre-wrapped for easy grab and go lunch packing each morning.

2. Sweet No-Bake Recipe: Classic Southern Pralines: These cookie-shaped candies are easy to whip up on a weekend and packaged up for during the week eating. We won’t just say lunch, because they’re a snack that’s hard to stay away from!

3. Sweet Treat Recipe: Fluffy Vanilla Marshmallows: Have you ever had a homemade marshmallow? If you have you know how creamy and satisfying they are. They make their own perfect little dessert that will whisk you away from your office for a moment and make you think about the better things in life… like eating a second marshmallow.

4. The Best Chewy Chocolate Cookies Ever (& Low-Fat Too): A chocolate cookie usually needs no introduction, but today it does. This cookie is the right kind of chewy and loaded with flavor — one or two will suffice to end your meal on a high note!

5. Apricots with Candied Rosemary Walnuts and Cream: Although you might need an ice pack in your lunchbox, this herb-studded fruit treat is well worth the extra effort. With cream or without, the combination of nuts, rosemary and fresh fruit and a perfect pick me up without feeling too guilty about more traditional desserts like cookies and cake.

What’s your favorite lunchbox sweet treat?

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