5 Secrets of Dishwashing

published Nov 18, 2014
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(Image credit: Cascade Platinum)

Thanksgiving WAS our favorite holiday…until it was time to clean up — the scouring, the plate-scraping, the pre-washing. But then we saw this infographic that blew our minds: We make it harder than it needs to be. Here are some other secrets we learned that have literally changed how we do the dishes.

Cascade Platinum and Marie Claire surveyed over 900 people about their dishwashing habits, and they learned some pretty crazy things. Like the fact that 96 percent of us waste up to an hour a week on a task we don’t have to do:

Secret #1: You can cool it with the pre-washing.

Ever feel like you’re doing the dishes before the dishwasher is supposed to do them? Cascade Platinum can help with that. Formulated with special enzymes that cling to food particles, it actually performs better the dirtier the dishes are! Stop wasting time and water and stick those gravy-stained plates right in the dishwasher.

Secret #2: Your dishwasher is more powerful than you think.

Only 11 percent of those surveyed knew that their dishwasher came with a garbage disposal — so there’s no need to worry that you’re going to clog the plumbing by not rinsing every last bit of food off your dishes before loading.

Secret #3: Doing the dishes keeps us from having fun.

And we don’t just mean while we’re washing them: 57 percent of those surveyed cringe at the thought of hosting a party because of spotty wine glasses, and 46 percent even said they’d rather go out to eat to avoid dish duty. Enjoy entertaining! Then blast some tunes and show those dirty dishes who’s boss.

(Image credit: Cascade Platinum)

Secret #4: When it comes to doing the dishes, we stall. Big time.

Yep. 50 percent of us. And it makes sense considering everything we think we need to do: sorting, scraping, pre-washing — and then fixing the mistakes left behind after the rinse cycle. Using a quality detergent means you have more time to spend … well, however you want!

Secret #5: Some of us take dishwashing a little too far.

Despite the joy of being off dishes duty, 42 percent of those surveyed copped to sneaking back to the dishwasher to reorganize a family member’s handiwork.

OK, Cascade Platinum can’t help with your SO’s lack of skills at dirty-dishes Tetris — but it can make doing the dishes way easier. Try it out, then post your #CascadeShiningReviews at cascadeclean.com!