5 Savory, Cheesy Snacks from the Fancy Food Show

(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

After marching down every aisle at the Winter Fancy Food Show this week, I realized that some of my favorite bites were decidedly cheesy and savory, helping to counteract the endless booths of cookies and chocolates.

If you also love cheese snacks, check out these new ways to devour them all day long. And look for them to start popping up in grocery and specialty stores soon.

  1. Brazilian Cheese Bread from Brazi Bites: Pão de Queijo is one of Brazil’s most popular snack foods, and now you can buy them frozen. Just pop these gluten-free cheese snacks in the toaster oven and out come soft, slightly chewy, and seriously cheesy little breads that would go great with a glass of sparkling wine. I’m partial to the cheddar and Parmesan variety.
  2. Mr. Cheese O’s in French Onion from Sonoma Creamery: Love soupe a l’oignon? Get that flavor fix with these crunchy cheese snacks made with Parmesan, quinoa, oats, sweet onion, herbs, and garlic. It’s just like eating that toasty cheese crouton on the top of a steamy crock of French onion soup.
  3. Jalapeño Cheddar Chicharrones from 4505 Chicharrones: Not only are pork rinds back en vogue now, but they also come in fun flavors, like these light-as-air fried pork rinds dusted with cheddar cheese and jalapeño powder for a spicy kick.
  4. Don Manchego Biscuits from Paul and Pippa: These organic, nutty Manchego cheese crackers imported from Spain have the sandy texture of shortbread cookies, but are actually savory and buttery. Plus, the packaging is adorable!
  5. Whisps Cheddar Cheese Crisps by Cello: Made with just cheese, these frico-like crisps are perfect for getting a serious dose of cheese in just a few bites. They’d be amazing as a gluten-free crouton on salads or soups.