5 Recipes Using Chia Seeds That Both Intrigue Me and Totally Gross Me Out

5 Recipes Using Chia Seeds That Both Intrigue Me and Totally Gross Me Out

Ariel Knutson
Jan 30, 2014

Chia seeds have been a food trend for awhile now due to their health benefits. While I tend to scatter the seeds in my yogurt or homemade granola for an extra nutrient boost, I can't seem to get behind the stranger recipes that feature the seed. I mean, chia pudding? Don't the seeds just act like mini tapioca balls that get stuck in your teeth and make everything goopy? And really, how is that a good thing?

Chia pudding is the most common recipe I see that features the seed, but lately I've been seeing new contenders enter the ring. The strange seed seems to get itself into everything — your pizza, your jam, your burgers. You better watch your back.

Here are four other dishes, besides chia pudding, that have me both incredibly intrigued and totally grossed out:

2. Not only is this "pizza" made with a cauliflower crust, but said crust is also filled with chia seeds. What would that even taste like?! I love pizza and everything, but I just can't get behind this one. Sorry.

3. If someone handed you one of these muffins you would totally think it was poppy seeds but you'd be so wrong. Chia seeds in muffins actually might be delicious, but may be too "healthy."

4. The texture in this jam might be totally awesome — really thick and a bit crunchy. But if you think raspberry seeds are annoying in your jam, can you even image the kind of torture chia seeds provide — I can't even.

5. These pancakes might look beautiful, but beneath that strawberry salsa, there is 1/3 cup of chia seeds. That's a lot. Maybe too much.

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