5 Reasons You’ll Want to Buy Husk Cherries at the Farmers Market

published Jul 24, 2014
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(Image credit: Guy Ambrosino)

So, you’ve tracked down a pint of husk cherries. Congratulations, this can be a feat in itself. Husk cherries can be tricky to find; they aren’t exactly grocery store material. You’re most likely to find them at farmers markets, or perhaps if you’re lucky they’ll show up in your CSA box. And if you’re really lucky, you have some growing around your property.

But once you find husk cherries, what an earth do you do with them? Well, besides pop them in your mouth one after the other.

We’ve got five great and totally delicious reasons you’ll want to indulge in a few baskets of husk cherries this summer.

What exactly are husk cherries?

Husk cherries, also commonly referred to as ground cherries or husk tomatoes, are small pale orange fruits wrapped in a crinkly, paper-like husk. They look a little bit like small tomatillos. Their flavor is mild, yet quite sweet and very unique. I’ve heard them compared to a cross between a tomato and a pineapple. They’re also quite similar to the cape gooseberry.

The sweet and sometimes slightly tart flavor of husk cherries give them versatility to work in so many wonderful and different ways.

1. Brighten up your tarts, cakes and pies

Used on their own or mixed with berries, husk cherries add a wonderful sweetness to desserts. They’re great in cakes, pies and tarts.

2. Make husk cherry preserves

This is my personal favorite. Husk cherries make the most delicious preserves!

3. Up your salsa game

Husk cherries are sweeter than tomatoes, added to salsa they make a great compliment to spicy jalapeños and cool cilantro.

4. They’re great in salads

There are an endless variety of ways to incorporate husk cherry into a salad. And if you’re feeling motivated, go the extra step to make a husk cherry vinaigrette!

5. Compliment your savory meat dish with a hint of sweet

Use husk cherries as you would grapes or even cranberries to add a slight sweet component to your savory dinner.

What’s your favorite way to eat husk cherries?