5 Reasons My Mom Is My Favorite Travel Companion

published May 11, 2017
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(Image credit: Lindsay Stein)

Finding the right travel companion can be tricky. While most people opt for their best friends or significant other, I find that my favorite person to travel with is the one who knows me better than I know myself — my mom, of course!

In the last few years, my mom and I have shared some exceptional adventures together: Rome, Florence, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Tel Aviv, Cayman Islands, and beyond. Our travels have strengthened our relationship and created many laughs, inside jokes, and memories. I truly enjoy being with her, and seeing her excitement over new places is priceless.

Here are five reasons why she is my favorite person to share my adventures with.

1. She never says no to taking a picture.

As a travel publicist and writer, I take a lot of photos. It’s my job! Whether I ask my mom to snap a picture in front of iconic sites or take a pit stop on a drive to capture scenic pictures, she will take (or endure my taking) a million photos until I get the perfect one.

(Image credit: Lindsay Stein)

2. She never gets annoyed that I’m hungry all the time (she’s used to it).

My mom knows how to deal with me at my best and worst times. This is important when spending time with someone 24/7 — especially in another country where you’re dealing with everything from language barriers to navigating public transportation through an unfamiliar city.

One thing she’s learned over the years? I’m hungry all the time. She never makes me feel guilty when I want to stop on the street for a crepe in Paris or get a second dish of pasta in Italy. Besides, she always reminds me that “calories don’t count on vacation.”

3. She packs everything.

I pack light and always carry on; my mom never fails to overpack. And even though I may get frustrated at having to wait that extra half hour at the flight desk as we move her belongings from one bag to another in lieu of the overweight fee, there’s a plus side to her overpacking: I never have to worry about forgetting something. She (most likely) has it all. (And, if she doesn’t, she doesn’t mind hitting the shops. No one loves shopping more than her!)

4. Everyone loves her.

My mom’s positive energy and outgoing personality attracts everyone, no matter what language they speak or where they come from. She’s a true extrovert, which means I meet people I normally wouldn’t have if I were traveling solo. She teaches me to be open-minded and accept everyone.

(Image credit: Lindsay Stein)

5. She’s my best friend.

As cliché as it is to say, my mom is my best friend — there really is no better way to put it. My mom is an open-minded, strong-willed, and an optimistic woman who loves to travel just like me. She brings out my adventurous spirit and I bring out her inner child.

What’s your favorite way to spend time with your mom?