5 Ways to Use Irish Oats Beyond Breakfast

published Mar 16, 2015
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Whether you like them piping hot or chilled in the fridge overnight, there’s no denying that Irish steel-cut oats make a killer breakfast. They have a nutty flavor and coarse texture that make them comforting and satisfying.

Wholesome steel-cut oats are versatile, which gives them a place in your life beyond the breakfast table. Here are five delicious ideas that prove it.

5 Smart Ways to Use Irish Oats Beyond Breakfast

1. Grind them up to use in baked goods.

Once ground, steel-cut oats are even more versatile and great for baking. I especially love adding them to cookies, muffins, and scones.

2. Jazz up your stuffing.

Move beyond stale bread cubes and use Irish oats to add more texture and jazz up your stuffing.

3. Mix them into meatloaf.

Instead of breadcrumbs, consider mixing steel-cut oats into meatloaf and meatballs. Not only will it help bind the mixture together, but the oats will help you stretch the meat even further and add some additional texture.

4. Try a new take on congee.

Congee is a savory Asian-style porridge that’s made with rice. When cooked, steel-cut oats take on a creamy, hearty texture similar to rice, making them a fun substitute.

5. Use them as you would any other whole grain.

They need to be cooked first, but once you’ve done that, steel-cut oats can be used the same way you’d use quinoa, freekeh, bulgur, and farro. Add them to pancakes and omelets, or stir them into soup.

Aside from breakfast, tell us all the different ways you use Irish steel-cut oats!