5 Excellent Pressure Cooking Resources

published Aug 26, 2013
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Pressure cooking is actually a simple process but like any new-to-you technique, it does take a little extra effort to learn the methods and language. There are a handful of cooks and food writers who can safely be called experts in this field and are worth consulting. Read on for our list of our five favorite pressure cooking resources.  And tell us your favorites in the comments!

1. Lorna Sass

I was already aware of Lorna Sass’ highly regarded expertise when I started out on my pressure cooking journey and she did not let me down! Rightly dubbed the Queen of Pressure Cooking, Lorna’s methods and recipes are meticulously developed and researched.

2. Laura Pazzaglia

Laura is the genius behind
hip pressure cooking, the go-to website for information about all things pressure cooker. It’s worth a visit for her
timing charts alone, which are spot-on and should be booked marked for easy access. Look for her new book
Hip Pressure Cooking in Fall of 2014.

Website → hip pressure cooking

3. Jill Nussinow

Jill’s speciality is healthy and vegan pressure cooking (she’s also known as the Veggie Queen) but she is an excellent source for general pressure cooking information and advocacy as well. Her website is full of information and videos.

Website → The Veggie Queen


4. Mike Vrobel of Dad Cooks Dinner

Mike is the dad in Dad Cooks Dinner, a favorite pressure cooker recipe source.  While he explores other forms like rotisserie and slow cooking, his pressure cooking recipes and experiments are worth checking out. Mike also takes on some of the more esoteric Modernist Cuisine pressure cooking recipes such as caramelizing garlic which is achieved by stuffing jars with peeled garlic and olive oil and pressure cooking them for two hours. Crazy fun!

Website → DadCooksDinner

5. Miss Vickie

When first researching pressure cooking, I discovered Miss Vickie’s website, a treasure trove of information.  Sadly, at the time of this posting, her site has gone away but she does have two excellent cookbooks still in rotation.


What are your favorite pressure cooking resources? Tell us in the comments!

(Image: Dana Velden)