5 Gingerbread Houses That Will Totally Amaze You

(Image credit: Sprinkles Bakes)

Gingerbread houses are the ultimate blend of baking skill and craftiness during the holidays. Assembling even the most basic house takes patience, precision, and creativity. But these inspiring houses are far from basic.

From an urban townhouse to a gingerbread farm (there are even ponies) to a dreamy mountain chalet, these five gingerbread houses will totally amaze you!

1. Gingerbread Chalet from Sprinkle Bakes

You won’t find traditional peppermint candies and gumdrops on this adorable chalet. Instead this house welcomes you with a nonpareil walkway that leads to a chocolate fondant door. The best part is the chocolate-shingled roof.

2. Gingerbread Townhouse from Not Without Salt

This is the urban gingerbread house is a sweet celebration of city living! Modeled after an actual townhouse, the gingerbread version is painted with royal icing and shingled with nonpareils. There’s even a gumdrop wreath and Christmas lights, in the form of chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, strung across the front of the house.

3. Victorian Gingerbread House from Goodies by Anna

Complete with stained glass windows, white chocolate wrought iron railings, and a front porch supported by thick peppermint sticks, this elaborate three-story Victorian has it all.

4. Gingerbread Farm from My Name is Yeh

From barns to peppermint-topped silos, even ponies and snow-covered ice cream cone trees, this gingerbread farm is incredibly detailed. It even has crushed pretzel pathways connecting the buildings. And, the best part — it’s all edible!

5. Classic Gingerbread Cottage from Sweetopia

Not only does this cozy cottage have royal icing icicles hanging from the graham cereal roof, and a pretzel stick wood pile by the side door, but the inside is also decorated. Peer inside the main room to find presents surrounding the Christmas tree.