5 of the Coziest Dinner Parties We’ve Ever Seen

(Image credit: Megan Guerrero)

This time of year, I go into hibernation. Forget after-work drinks and Saturday night apartment parties. I’m just not going. It’s not like I want to be antisocial entirely, but when the wind chill means temps are topping out in the single digits, it’s going to take a lot to get me out of the house. Actually, the only thing I’d maybe be willing to leave for (aside from work!) is a super-cozy dinner party.

Any of these five could be convincing enough, and they’re full of good ideas for you you to try at home.

(Image credit: Wynn Myers)

1. A Cozy Floor Picnic

Blogger Camille Styles can basically do no wrong in my book. (Seriously, everything she does is beautiful!) So, when she teamed up with West Elm (another favorite!) to create a floor picnic dinner in front of a fire, let’s just say I wished I had been invited!

Other than the dreamy decor, I think the biggest thing to steal here is the idea of relocating your dinner party to the living room floor (in front of the fireplace, if that’s an option!) by serving at the coffee table with plenty of cushions. Camille’s get-together was technically a holiday party, but I think the lounge-y vibe works well for any cold winter night.

See the table up close: Snowed in With West Elm at Camille Styles

(Image credit: Megan Guerrero)

2. A Cozy French Country Dinner

Don’t have a cabin or warehouse at your disposal like event designer Jill Fausner of Layered Vintage did for this dinner party? No problem! There are still elements of her French country-inspired gathering that you can recreate at home.

First, just note how warm reclaimed wood and copper look together! Serve apps on an old wood cheese board, set out wooden candlestick holders, and add as many copper vessels as possible. And don’t forget to add texture with a table runner and flowers.

See how it all came together: Behind the Scenes at Layered Vintage

(Image credit: Kim Stoegbauer)

3. A Cozy Soup Party

There’s nothing (nothing!) more comforting than soup. Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio must know that too, because she threw a soup party in collaboration with Garden Fresh Gourmet, which sells premade soups. I’m all about picking up shortcuts when you can — especially if you want to serve a few different options at once.

In addition to the menu, plaid touches (scarves and blankets used as table linens) really up the cozy factor. I also like how Kim set out mugs instead of bowls for her soup and all the fixings. (You may remember how much we prefer a mug over a bowl?)

Steal her tricks: 9 Tips for a Warm & Cozy Soup Party at The TomKat Studio

(Image credit: Marianne Brown)

4. A Cozy, Not-Too-Elaborate Dinner Party

This winter party, styled by Jenna Coleman of J Leslie Design, is proof that you don’t need to go all out to create a warm, welcoming vibe. A long birch log votive holder and a bit of greenery goes a long way here. If you’re crafty, you can try knitting your own placemats, but I’d probably vote for cutting up a few old sweaters and calling it a day.

See the Details: Cozy Cabin Holiday Table Inspiration at Planning It All

(Image credit: Redfield Photography )

5. A Cozy Blanket-Centric Dinner Party

Okay, maybe there is one thing cozier than soup — blankets! Maggie and Jason Hoak of Magpie Vintage threw a rustic dinner party that looked like it could have been right out of a Woolrich or Pendleton catalog.

I love the authentic Americana vibe of the decor, with vintage wool shirts hung on the walls and flannel blankets casually draped over the seating. Guests can stay warm while they eat and then mosey right on over to the couch for a post-dinner nap!

Snuggle up: Cozy Cabin Holiday Party at Magpie Vintage

What are you doing to make your dinner parties extra cozy this time of year?