5 Non-Boring Ways to Eat Yogurt for Breakfast

updated May 1, 2019
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Does yogurt go on your grocery list on autopilot? You don’t have specific plans for it, but you know it will at least get eaten with berries and granola. I’m guilty of this and find myself eating it with berries day after day until I’m bored to death. So I’m challenging myself to a better, non-boring week of breakfasts using that tub of yogurt. Here are a few ideas I’m going to try out. Take a look and see what inspires you too.

First, Find a Yogurt You Like

I’m saying this almost as a note to self. For a while I was eating a yogurt that I was fine with, but then I started branching out — buying cups of a bunch of brands to try over the course of the week — to find out that the original yogurt I was eating wasn’t appealing at all! Once I found my perfect yogurt (Brown Cow Plain, if you care to know), it was much easier to beat the yogurt fatigue, especially when coupled with the ideas below.

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Savory Yogurt Parfaits

Pairing yogurt and granola is always a good idea, but the regular routine of berries plus sweetened oats can get boring. Mix things up with a savory yogurt parfait instead. In place of fruit try sautéed veggies, and in place of granola try crushed nuts, sesame cashews, or tamari almonds. See if you can find a savory granola to add or make one yourself.

(Image credit: Maria Siriano)

Yogurt Avocado Toast

This recipe delights me to no end because it takes a bunch of things I almost always have on hand and puts them together in a way that makes everything taste wholly new. Honey and yogurt are spread over toasted bread, sliced avocado is fanned out on top, and big flakes of sea salt are showered over to finish. It’s such a fun treat.

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Breakfast Spread and Dips

I’m guaranteed to like any food three times more if there’s sauce and dipping involved. So no need to leave breakfast out of the fun. Yogurt is a great base for breakfast dips or spreads, especially if you’re not opposed to lots of veggies in the morning. Mix the yogurt with a swirl of pesto and eat it with baby carrots and radishes, or try something sweeter like jam- or honey-swirled yogurt spread over a toasted frozen waffle.

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Breakfast Pops

Add some whimsy to your morning yogurt routine by turning it into a Popsicle. Filled with everything you’d expect from a classic parfait, this make-ahead version, filled with yogurt, granola, and fruit, is a fun way to eat yogurt for breakfast. It’s also a great option if you need to eat your yogurt on the go.

Yogurt and Eggs

There are many ways to pair yogurt and eggs for breakfast, but one way that deserves a try is inspired the Turkish dish çilbir. Eggs are poached, a buttery sauce is prepared (often with garlic and paprika), and everything is served over plain yogurt with toast. You can try this with fried eggs with equally tasty results.