Cool Kitchen Tools: 5 New Products Worth Considering

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve seen several cool new products around the internet this week. We’re doing our best to thin out our unnecessary kitchen paraphernalia, but we might apply the one-out-one-in rule so we can bring one of these new products in! Some of them look so darn practical!

Some of the designs below are on the market for sale, others are coming to a store near you in the very near future and others are still in production phase. Either way, we like what we see as we think these products recognize everyday needs while keeping things simple and streamlined.

1. Cocacu Juicer – This simple and modern juicer packs a punch with color and gets the job done in the palm of your hand. We rather like the concept as we’ve always liked the “reaming” method of juicing citrus, but this takes things one step further and catches the juice for you. From Juyoung Kim.

2. WAGAii Cake Cutting Guide – Although we’re all perfectly capable of cutting cake without a guide, we have often thought something that ensures uniform slices each and every time would be nice. Depending on if you use the petals or leaves you can cut your cake into 3, 4, 6, 12, 5, 7, 8, 9, or 10 pieces. Plus it sits in a cute little vase when not in use. You can find more info over at Wagaii. These are hitting the tradeshows this year, so expect to see them in stores in the coming months. (via)

3. Twine Tin – Most of us have a roll of twine stashed somewhere in our kitchens. Ours always seemed destined to fall out of the cabinet at the exact moment there’s a bowl of batter (or something equally as gooey) sitting below it. We could avoid its cabinet base jumping tricks if only we had one of these cute tins. $17 at Shop Twine. (via)

4. Earless Tea Set – How many times have you fished a teabag out of your cup? Probably more often than not! We like that this cup took things one step further leaving a little notch to hold the tea bag off the bottom. Though it might not be a great choice for occasional tea drinkers, die hard fans might find it very useful. Designed by Vera Wiedermann for Design Students For Rent. (via)

5. Place Setting Placemat – Though we don’t really need a blueprint for creating the perfect place setting, we think the execution in design of this piece is fantastic. It would be perfect for those looking for a laugh or even teaching kids where things go! They retail for roughly $27 each. (via)

Have you seen a great kitchen find lately? Something that although you have a drawer of essentials still caught your eye? Let us know below!

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