Beyond Miso Soup: 5 More Ways to Use Miso Paste

published Jan 20, 2015
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My introduction to cooking with miso paste came later in life. Last year, actually. After buying the largest container available I soon learned that most recipes call for a couple tablespoons, at most. I had more miso than I knew what to do with, but I refused to let it get lost in the depths of the refrigerator. Instead, I went on a mission to find ways (both obvious, and totally unexpected) to incorporate miso paste into everyday meals.

One of the most obvious uses for miso is in soup, and while we can all agree that’s quite delicious, this umami-packed paste has a lot more to offer.

5 Everyday Ways to Use Miso Paste

1. Salad Dressing – Salad has never tasted so good! Add depth of flavor to your dressing or vinaigrette by whisking in a small spoonful of miso paste.

2. Roasted Vegetables – Give roasted vegetables an unexpected, and completely delicious twist by tossing them with some miso paste before putting them in the oven.

(Image credit: Anjali Prasertong)

3. Marinade – Miso is such a great addition to marinades. You can use it with meat, fish, or vegetables, and this umami-rich paste creates a marinade that’s well seasoned, deeply flavorful and totally irresistible.

4. Miso Butter – Perhaps you’ve made compound butter using fresh herbs, or even summer berries, but have you ever tried miso compound butter? This savory-salty mix adds depth of flavor, and makes a nice topping on everything from meat and fish to vegetables.

5. Pan Sauce – A simple pan sauce has a wonderful way of making home-cooked meat feel restaurant-worthy, while being amazingly easy to make. Add even more rich flavor to your next pan sauce by whisking in a small spoonful of miso paste.

What’s your favorite way to use miso paste?

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