5 Mirrors In the Kitchen That Made Us Look Twice

(Image credit: Sara Russell)

Mirrors make any space look bigger (and help me keep an eye on my lipstick). But even though they do amazing things for small spaces and large alike, they’re still not especially common in the kitchen. That’s why these five mirrors stole my heart and never really gave it back. It’s OK to want to move into five kitchens all at the same time, right?

  1. Sara Russel: Although it’s easy to think about toddler handprints up and down these cabinets, it’s not swaying my love for this space and these reflective doors!
  2. HGTV: This mirrored backsplash would instantly make any room larger and because there’s no tiles to catch grease or grime. Chances are it’s easy to clean and maintain, too.
  3. Apartment Therapy: This kitchen feels like day second day jeans: slightly broken in, yet still sophisticated and will serve you well. This space boasts a bit of glam and packs a punch with its reflective properties.
  4. The Kitchn: In this small space a mirror turned on its side and facing down gives a pretty reflection and bounces the light in a whole new way.
  5. Spartan Journal: This raw edged mirror is oh so pretty and feels commanding and unassuming all the same time because of its height and direction. It bounces light around without you seeing yourself from every angle!

Do you have a great mirror usage in your kitchen?