5 Little 5-Minute Things to Do for Yourself During the Holidays

updated Nov 6, 2020
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During the holidays, the kitchen is the hub of all activity. It kicks into high gear just before Thanksgiving and doesn’t stop until the New Year. And while all that cooking and baking can be fun, it can also feel a teeny-tiny bit hectic (even if you’re scaling back your holiday meals this year). Getting food on the table to satisfy your picky family members isn’t easy. What is easy: forgetting to take care of yourself. But don’t make that mistake!

Try these tiny, five-minute things to do for yourself during the holidays.

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1. Simmer something aromatic.

Whether you like energetic citrus or earthy cloves, when you simmer a pot of something delicious-smelling on your stove, it fills the whole room with that comforting smell — not to mention a little humidity, which is welcome in the dry winter air! Do it while you sweep the floor or clear the table to turn a chore into a pleasant moment.

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2. Turn dish duty into a hand treatment.

Here’s a smart tip from one of our readers: Put lotion on your hands before slipping on your favorite dishwashing gloves, then get down to business. The hot water will help your skin absorb that much-needed extra moisture. Bonus: Swap your regular dish soap for something with an energizing peppermint or citrus scent for a burst of seasonal scent while you’re washing up.

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3. Stretch it out.

While the coffee is brewing or the rolls are rising or really anytime you’ve got a few minutes of downtime, why not do a few sun salutations? Stretch your arms and head to the ceiling, bending ever-so-slightly back, then swan dive down, letting your hands and head hang for a beat or two. Gently stand back up and do it all again.

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4. Make a holiday playlist.

What’s a great way to distract yourself from the stack of dishes in and around your kitchen sink? A playlist with all your favorite tunes. And no, they don’t have to relate to the holidays at all. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to put a playlist together on Spotify — or try one of ours. This one is a winner for cleanup.

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5. Take a breather.

Sometimes you need a break, and you should take one! Trust us — whatever chore you’re in the middle of can wait. Take a brisk walk around the block; the fresh air will do you so much good. Or just take a few minutes to take a few deep breaths and remember all the good things about the holidays. (Psst! They are loved ones, whether in-person or virtual, and food!)

What little things are you doing for yourself this holiday season?