5 Magnet Sets to Win Over Even a Refrigerator Minimalist

updated May 1, 2019
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There are a few contentious issues that divide cooks in the kitchen. Spoon rests — yes or no? Measure by weight, or by volume? And then there’s the biggie: Do you clutter up your fridge with magnets, or do you adhere to a strict minimalist policy?

I’ve been a no-magnet girl, but then this horseshoe number came into my house last Christmas, and its charm turned me to the other side. Here are five more magnet sets I wouldn’t be ashamed to put on my fridge.

These are so practical and pretty at the same time. A good place to stash a pen for making lists.

A small moment of positivity for your refrigerator.

These geode magnets have been showing up here, there, and everywhere in design shops, but I’m not tired of them. There’s something thrilling about displaying the riotous color of the rocks that lie below our feet.

I’m so smitten with these magnets. They come in a set of two-dozen mini wooden blocks (3/4 inches to a side). You can line them up in pretty patterns, or scatter them in merry chaos over your fridge to hold artwork, shopping lists, receipts, and wedding invitations.

(Image credit: Cuppa Color)