5 Kitchens with Built-in Appliance Cubbies

(Image credit: Kitchen Kraft)

So many of our small appliances are indispensable. I love my stick blender, mini food processor, and juicer, but they are hard to store in my apartment kitchen. Some of them are in the pantry cabinet, some are stashed away in a storage box with other lesser-used kitchen tools, and a few sit out on our open shelving unit — meaning they have to be washed each time before they are used.

If you’re in the process of making some upgrades to your kitchen, consider including a built-in appliance cubby.

An appliance cubby lets you basically keep your appliances on the counter, but without it seeming like they are on the counter. Plus you can add an outlet inside the cubby to make all those electrics easier to use.

Here are five great examples of kitchens with built-in appliance cubbies.

5 Examples of Built-in Appliance Cubbies

  1. Double Doors – Kitchen Kraft: If your collection of small electrics is big enough, consider side-by-side appliance cubbies.
  2. Garage Door Style – Zero Energy Design: This combination appliance cubby and shelving space is perfect for storing cookbooks and small electrics.
  3. Folding Door – Sawhill Kitchens: This cubby has enough space for several appliances, and because they are plugged in, they can slide out for use.
  4. Appliance Garage – MasterBrand: We love that this “appliance garage” has been turned into a margarita station. It only makes sense to keep those supplies with the blender.
  5. Coffee Station – Hometalk: Not only can one of these cubbies store the coffee maker, but it is also the perfect place to stash the rest of the coffee gear for a complete coffee station.

Do you have an appliance cubby? Lucky duck! What do you like about it?