5 Kitchen Safety Posters That Make Us Laugh

published Apr 26, 2017
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(Image credit: Jason O’Malley)

In some cities (including New York City), restaurants are required by law to display step-by-step instructions on how to save someone from choking. The local governments and health departments often supply free prints, which restaurant owners can order and hang. (Here’s one for NYC.)

There is no law, however, that states the posters can’t be fun and a bit more creative. That’s why some artists have been reinventing the posters with all the pertinent info — and a little more personality. The best part: You can buy some of these for your own kitchen.

Remember: Choking is no joke, but these posters are pretty funny.

1. Hey, You’re Choking!, from $22 at Society6

Designed for Big Gay Ice Cream by Jason O’Malley, this poster features a Bea Arthur-esque lady performing the Heimlich Maneuver on a unicorn in distress. Unicorns and The Golden Girls? This was practically made for your kitchen!

(Image credit: Morgensterns)

How is it that ice cream places all seem to have the best versions of these things? This limited-edition print reminds us of a Shakespearean play. Not your style? They have two other options.

(Image credit: SoWhatPress)

3. Choking Poster, $69 at SoWhatPress

Here’s what you do if you’re on a date and your potential love interest starts choking. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending with a follow-up drink. And maybe a second date?

(Image credit: RedBubble)

You don’t have to be a Dancing with the Stars alum in order to understand the directions on this tango-themed poster. Although it probably helps if you enjoy dancing. Otherwise, it would be a little random for your kitchen.

(Image credit: Society6)

5. Choking Victim Poster, from $22 at Society6

Hang this print (which was designed for a seafood restaurant) in a brightly colored kitchen and it’ll be sure to pop.

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