5 Inspiring — And Baking-Related — Prints for Your Kitchen

updated May 1, 2019
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As negative as our silly world can be at times, it’s also full of inspiration. Look on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook at any given moment and you’re sure to see (at least) a few super-inspiring quotes.

The same can be said for your kitchen — if you were to get any of these adorable prints from Etsy, that is. (Note: You can download and print some of these out yourself and some get printed and shipped to you.) They’re all 100 percent positive and baking-themed — you know, because we’re smack dab in the middle of baking season.

1. Just Roll with It Print, $5 at JessMeredithDesign

So your mom’s Christmas present got held up at the post office? And you spilled hot chocolate on your favorite white sweater? Stuff happens. It’s how you react and deal with it that really matters. Learn to roll with it and we’ll all be a little happier.

(Image credit: HewittAvenue)

2. Bakers Gonna Bake Printable, $5 at HewittAvenue

That’s exactly right. Bakers gonna bake and haters gonna hate. You be the baker and ignore everyone else! For what it’s worth, we also love that this print has a cute, retro-like oven that most of us can only dream of owning. Hang this up and pay no attention to the all-white oven that’s been in your kitchen since the ’80s.

(Image credit: ParadigmArt)

Whether we’re talking about baking, cooking, or just life in general, this print has got a (punny) point. You never know if you don’t try, right?

See another print we love from this shop: This Is the Ultimate Kitchen Art for Chocolate-Lovers

(Image credit: GGsPrintables)

Do it! And then, once the holidays are over, take a magic marker and cross out the word Christmas. Because cookies should be eaten all year long.

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5. Funny Donut Print, $18 at noodlehug

This print is funny, sweet, and deserves a space in your kitchen. Ideally by the entryway so that anyone who comes in gets a fair warning.