5 Important Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Watermelon

published Jul 19, 2015
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Sweet, juicy watermelon is one of the refreshing highlights of summer. Whether you like to eat it out of hand, blend it into drinks, freeze it into dessert, or toss it into a sweet and salty salad, there’s no doubt it’s a welcome addition to any hot summer day.

From the best ways to cut it to interesting ways to really get the most out of this favorite fruit, here are five important things you need to know about watermelon.

1. Peel your watermelon like a winter squash.

Here’s the thing about cutting a whole watermelon: that large, bulky, wobbly shape makes it downright awkward and tricky to work with. Make it easier by thinking about it more like a winter squash and less like a giant melon.

2. The speediest way to chop melons is a quarter at a time.

For times you don’t need perfect cubes, this clever cutting method is fast and efficient. And more importantly, it keeps all that sweet juice inside the melon rather than on your cutting board.

3. The rind is a underrated treasure.

Watermelon rinds aren’t exactly flavorful to eat as is, but they’re worth hanging on to. From making pickles and chutney to curry and gazpacho, watermelon rinds are versatile and delicious.

4. Watermelon can, and should, be grilled.

Grilled watermelon is a must this summer. It has a sweet, slightly smoky flavor that will definitely impress.

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5. For a sweeter melon, sprinkle with salt.

You don’t actually want a salty melon, so just a sprinkle will do. Lightly salting cut watermelon works to concentrate the fruit’s natural juices, making for a sweeter-tasting piece of melon. You can also use a little bit of sugar to get the same result.