5 Important Things You Should Know About Guacamole

updated Jun 6, 2019
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The Perfect Guacamole (Image credit: Sara Kate Gillingham)

Whether you like it chunky or creamy, spicy or mellow, guacamole is basically the best thing on the snack table, and a welcome addition to a weekend meal of breakfast tacos or carnitas.

But if you’re making guacamole, do it right. Here are five important things you should know about making the best guacamole.

1. Know this trick for picking the best avocados!

Do you have a knack for picking avocados with a streak of brown inside? Or ones that aren’t quite ripe enough? Here’s a fairly genius tip for you: The key to your avocado’s health lies under the stem “button.” Peel it away and take a peek.

2. Also? Always buy an extra avocado.

Even when you get really good at picking avocados, you should always buy an extra one when making guacamole. Christine explains: “If a whole avocado or even parts of a few of them have gone bad, I have an extra one as a replacement to make up for it in a recipe.” And if all are good? Well, there’s always room in our lives for one more avocado.

3. Avocados not ripe enough? Try a banana.

Gauging the perfect stage of ripeness for guacamole when you want it is a little tricky, though. If you buy avocados on the unripe side a few days ahead, and they’re not ripening fast enough, a banana is your friend! Anjali explains how putting a banana in a paper bag really hurried the ripening process along.

4. Avocados too ripe? Refrigerate until you need them.

On the other hand, sometimes you buy avocados that are just a little too ripe and they threaten to turn into mush well before guacamole game day. The solution here is simple: Refrigerate them! Refrigeration stops the ripening process, fixing your avocados at the perfect stage of ripeness.

5. Make guacamole ahead and use this tip to keep it green!

Last and certainly not least — yes, you can make guacamole ahead of time. No, it won’t turn brown, provided you use our handy little trick for keeping it green. The power of water to banish oxidization is the key here; you simply cover guacamole with water, and refrigerate for up to 24 hours. Then pour off the water and stir. It doesn’t get soggy or watery at all — the water all pours off. Give it a try!

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