5 Ideas For Fun Food Making Parties

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With Spring coming to a close and Summer knocking at the door, it’s a great time to throw a get together. Although we all know food brings us together and is a caloric form of love, it can be a great thing make together instead of just eating. Try your hand at throwing one of these fun food making parties!

1. Taffy Pull: Taffy isn’t super difficult to make, but it does usually require more than one person. There are recipes all over the internet and we’re betting if you ask your grandparents, they still remember how it’s done. Cut up wrappers from parchment or wax paper and send everyone home with a year’s supply!

2. Sausage Making: A great way to make a variety of sausage is to invite lots of friends and have them bring all different ingredients. Assign some people seafood, red meat, poultry, pork or even beans and vegetables. Sorting out what you have and dividing it up between recipes can be a fun way to spend an evening… even if it gets a little messy.

3. Frozen Pizzas: Dough is a super easy thing to supply and literally costs a few dollars for 50+ crusts. Make some up ahead of time and have guests bring all sorts of toppings. Wrap them in a double layer of plastic wrap before heading home (separate with cardboard) and everyone will have a freezer full of good frozen pizza for quite sometime! You can also make them in the shape of rectangular breadsticks if it makes them easier to transport. Who doesn’t like a gourmet breadstick?

4. Smoothie Party: When the days are long and hot, gather a group together and have them bring all the fixin’s for smoothies. It might even be a good excuse to show off that new Vitamix blender you’ve recently acquired! You can mix them and freeze in individual portions to blend up later, or enjoy them on the spot and share with neighbors as well.

5. Cookie Dough: It doesn’t matter what season it is, it’s always time for cookies. Get the gang together (have them bring a mixer or two) and mix up batch after batch of your favorite dough. Divide things out and send everyone home with baking instructions for each variety. Next time you’re ready for a snack, things will already be mixed without any dishes to do when all is said and done!

Have you ever thrown a food centered party? What was on your menu? Share your thoughts on other food party ideas below!

(Image: Flickr member L. Marie licensed for use by Creative Commons)