5 Grilling Essentials You Should Always Have Within Arm's Reach

5 Grilling Essentials You Should Always Have Within Arm's Reach

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 14, 2012

You may be a seasoned pro at the grill, but we all need to go back to the basics sometimes. For easy grilling with a minimal amount of frustration, here are five grilling staples that should be within arm's reach of your grill at all times.

1. Long Handled Spatula or Tongs: Although this seems like a big fat, "Duh!" it's shocking how easy it is to use something with a shorter handle from the kitchen. Keep both by your grill so you have 'em when you need 'em.

2. A Squeeze Bottle Of Olive Oil: Be armed with a squeeze bottle for oiling your grill and seasoning your vegetables, all without fumbling with lids, caps or brushes!

3. Meat Thermometer: Some pros can tell with a simple touch, but most of us still need a thermometer. Having it on hand means you're ready to check your meat and aren't darting back into the kitchen.

4. One Extra Plate Or Tray: I always forget to bring out an extra plate, and inevitably I always need one. If your first plate is covered in marinade or raw meat juice, it isn't the best place for freshly grilled food. Bring out an extra plate and you won't have any problems!

5. A Flash Light: Most modern grills come with a built-in light, but a flashlight is quicker and a better multi-tasker when night starts to creep in. Avoid burning or undercooking your meat. Just click it on to check and then turn it off again!

Do you have stand by grilling essentials at your side at all times? Let us know in the comments below!

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(Image: Flickr member joeflyde licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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