5 Gorgeous Sink Setups That Make Washing Dishes More Bearable

(Image credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion)

I get sink envy very easily. For those of you who might not be familiar with the term, it’s when you get really jealous of someone’s kitchen sink setup. While I can be quick to covet any kitchen in general, the sink is the one I lust after most. Some people want counter space, and sure that’s nice and all, but I want a serene place to stand while washing veggies, dishes, and tackling basic cleanup duties.

These setups have everything (and the kitchen sink!) going for them. You could even say they hit the mark — hook, line, and sink-er.

(Image credit: Alexis Hamilton for British Standard, via Remodelista)

Materials are usually most likely to get me. That kitchen above has a copper sink (!!!) with marble countertops and dark cabinets. I love any of those elements on their own, but combined into a trifecta and I just can’t. My head is exploding.

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(Image credit: Eva Kosmas Flores)

An over-the-sink window is a nice way to keep home cooks from feeling boxed in. Same for the idea to have open shelving along the wall with the sink. These shelves — made from reclaimed wood — give the sink a nice airy feeling, instead of a claustrophobic one, which can happen with too many uppers around the sink area.

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(Image credit: My Scandinavian Home)

Another element that I go nuts over? Any apron sink. There’s just something about it that looks so much nicer than an undermount sink, in my opinion. And I love that a flat fronted sink works in a country-style or contemporary kitchen.

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(Image credit: Country Living)

You’ve gotta look at something while you do dishes, so why not look at yourself if the great outdoors isn’t an option? It’s a little vain, but at least this way you’ll know if any bits of dinner happen to get stuck in your teeth. Or if anyone is sneaking up behind you.

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(Image credit: Elizabeth Backup)

Plants in the kitchen are always a yes! And plant vines running around the perimeter are even better. A little bit of greenery helps to bring the outside in, which anyone who’s elbow-deep in suds will agree is a good thing.

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