5 Fresh Takes on Collard Greens

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Collard greens rank up there as one of my all-time favorite vegetables. No, make that all-time favorite foods. When you braise collard greens, their firm, leathery leaves cook down into tender bites of savory greens — but they don’t fall apart or get stringy. They keep their texture, making them one of the most satisfying sort of greens to eat. I’d like to branch out past my usual braised greens routine, though, so here are five recipes I have my eye on, from creamed collard greens to tofu wraps.

• 1 New Year’s Good Luck Dip – Ezra Pound Cake. This is a pretty brilliant use for collards, working them into a dish with considerable crowd appeal.

• 2 Collard and Wheat Berry Risotto – Life in Recipes. Risotto, stuffed in a squash — way to get your veggies in!

• 3 Spanish Collards w/Chorizo, Sherry & Almonds – Bitchin’ Camero. I love the Spanish twist here. These look pretty much irresistible.

• 4 Creamed Collard Greens – Nourished Kitchen. Somehow it never occurred to me to make creamed collard greens. This is like creamed spinach, but way better.

• 5 Collard Wraps with Baked Tofu and Cabbage Slaw – Tasty Easy Healthy Green. Collards are far sturdier than most other greens, making them the perfect wrapper.

What’s your favorite way to cook and eat collard greens?

(Images: Melissa Camero Ainslie of , Niki of Life in Recipes, Rebecca Crump of Ezra Pound Cake, Jenny of Nourished Kitchen, Sally of Tasty Easy Healthy Green)