The 5 Fanciest French Press Coffeemakers We Could Find

updated May 1, 2019
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A French press is a utilitarian object of some significance in my house. It’s the first tool we use every morning, besides the kettle, and its simple glass and steel structure is beautiful to caffeine-cravers. But French presses can go beyond the typical glass model. Here are five with a sense of drama or a touch of luxury.

Take this first one, for instance — made of ceramic, with an elegant handle and a pop of copper up top. Pretty gorgeous.

I love the retro elegance of this French press from Hario. It echoes the design of the Chemex pourover coffeemaker too, with that wood and leather collar.

The designer says of this warm, inviting design, “I wanted to make a coffee press, which is both soft to look at and soft to hold. The friendly shape goes hand in hand with the warm and cozy atmosphere that a good cup of coffee provides.” And it is downright cozy, in a super luxurious way.

Now here’s drama! I remember when I met the designers from Freud at the Housewares show in Chicago several years ago. Photos don’t do their products justice. A little bit glam, a little bit steampunk, all original — they just gleam in person.

And for all of you who love your Le Creuset (it is indeed so luxurious, isn’t it?), complete your collection with a pot for your morning coffee.

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