5 Foods To Enjoy Frozen That Normally Aren't

5 Foods To Enjoy Frozen That Normally Aren't

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 2, 2010

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the month for many of us in the Midwest. Heat indexes are going to be ranging from stupid hot to just plain ridiculous and we're doing everything we can to keep our cool without melting into a puddle on the floor. To help, try one of these 5 foods frozen instead of their normal room temperature state!

1. Graham Crackers & Icing/Whipped Cream: We promise that after you've had this snack, you might forgo ice cream sandwiches all together. Just press a small amount of icing or whipped cream between two crackers, wrap in plastic or parchment and freeze!

2. Rice Pudding: Although we usually eat this chilled anyway, freezing it takes this sweet treat to a whole new level of awesome. Simply freeze in a mold and lick away just a traditional popsicle! You can of course freeze any puddings with the same super star results.

3. Fruit: Although we have our favorites (pineapple and grapes come to mind), most fruits are absolutely amazing when frozen. Just pop them in on a sheet tray and after a few minutes of thawing, they're a sweet, icy and easy to consume if you skewer them up first!

4. Soda: Although we'd much rather make our own (and you still can), a frozen can of soda when coupled with a spoon is an iced slushy of seriously tasty proportions. No need to rake it like you would a granita, just let it freeze solid and dig in.

5. Cereal: Although the cereal doesn't actually freeze in solid chunks, dropping its temperature before you add milk is the iciest way to start a morning we know of (sans smoothie). It can cool you off after a morning jog, or just lower your temperature if you're sweating it out without air conditioning. Just toss it in a zip top bag and in the freezer it goes!

Do you have another one to add to the list? Almost anything sweet can be frozen with super star results. Try freezing cake slices, brownies, or box juice drinks (organic and healthy or not) and slice their tops off for instant popsicles! Let us know your favorite frozen treat below!

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Image: Flickr member wsilver licensed for use by Creative Commons

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