5 Fast and Furious Breakfast Hacks

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Are you one of those people who feels like there is simply no time in the morning for breakfast? That used to be me. But these days it’s a totally different story; breakfast is now an essential part of my routine every single day, thanks to a few helpful hacks that make my morning meals quick and easy.

1. Make overnight oats your breakfast BFF.

Overnight oats just might be the ultimate make-ahead breakfast. Make a batch during Sunday meal prep and you’ve got a wholesome, tasty breakfast that’s guaranteed to fill you up and power you through the morning. Once the oats are made, store them in jars for an easy grab-and-go meal.

Overnight Oat Recipes

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2. Make hard-boiled eggs in an Instant Pot.

Your Instant Pot is the quickest solution for a big batch of soft- or hard-cooked eggs, made just the way you like them. Cook them up in minutes, then layer them into a breakfast pita, bulk up a breakfast salad, top off a bowl of beans and greens, or just eat them out of hand with a slice of toast.

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3. Give your avocado toast a fast and fancy upgrade.

Avocado toast is still one of my go-to weekday breakfasts. By regularly changing up the toppings, breakfast takes on a new flavor so it doesn’t feel like I’m eating the same thing day after day. Everything from veggies and eggs to cheese to nuts and seeds are fair game. I’ve even done honey and yogurt!

Get Some Avocado Toast Inspiration

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4. Blend a simple smoothie for a fast and delicious breakfast.

Smoothies are a favorite solution when I need breakfast in a hurry and want something that’s totally satisfying. Protein-rich ingredients like Greek yogurt, nuts, silken tofu, and whole milk, along with good fats like avocado and coconut oil, are always good choices for making a filling smoothie. You can also get a head start by prepping make-ahead smoothie bags and stashing them in the freezer, so all that’s left to do is add the liquid and blend.

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5. Repurpose last night’s leftovers into breakfast.

Sometimes the easiest and most delicious breakfast solution is repurposing the leftovers already in the fridge. Stuff roasted vegetables into breakfast pitas or burritos, or top them with an egg. Reheat any cooked proteins and you’ve got the makings of a good breakfast sandwich. Leftover sauce from pasta night? Fry an egg in a little butter and tomato sauce and your breakfast life will never be the same.

Your turn! Tell us your best fast and furious hacks that make weekday breakfasts possible.