5 Essential Tools for Packing a Week of School Lunches on Sunday

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A small hurdle to packing a week’s worth of lunches is simply making sure that you have enough containers to pack five to 10 lunches at once. However, after you discover the time and sanity savings that result from pre-packing lunches, you’ll start looking for a few additional tools to make the task even better. Here are five of my favorite tools for packing a week’s worth of lunches at once.

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Bento-Style Containers

Bento-style containers keep foods separated in their own compartments, which slows down spoilage and prevents certain things from getting squishy. Buying enough to pack five to 10 lunches in the same size and shape will make stacking and stashing the containers in the fridge much easier.

While bento-style containers can have up to eight compartments, a simple three-compartment style has gotten the most use for our school lunches.

Favorite Bento-style Containers

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Silicone Baking Cups

While bento-style containers already have dividers in place, having a few silicone baking cups can help further divide the largest compartment when needed. Silicone baking cups can also be filled and frozen with things like Jell-O or Greek yogurt and then placed in lunch boxes just before packing. I prefer square cups, but hearts, flowers, or stars add fun flare to lunches.

Favorite Silicone Baking Cups

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Mini Condiment Squeezers

These little squeezers are perfect for sending a small amount of salad dressing, soy sauce, or syrup to school. Fill them with maple syrup when you send breakfast for lunch, or with a little bit of honey for sweetening yogurt. Due to their small size, they shouldn’t be sent with kids under 4 years old.

Favorite Mini Condiment Dispensers

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Colorful Masking Tape

Freezer tape might be a more practical choice for labeling lunch boxes, but masking tape sticks well and is way more fun. Use tape to label who gets which lunch box each day so that your partner or kids can grab their own lunch container as needed.

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Ice Packs

So you’ve made a whole week’s worth of beautiful lunches and now its time to send them off to school. You need ice packs. Insulated lunch boxes aren’t cool enough to keep lunch items cold until lunchtime, so grab a few reusables ice packs (or make your own) to keep things chilled and safe.

More Cool Ice Packs

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