5 Enviably Well-Organized Freezers

(Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens)

What’s in your freezer? Wait — you don’t know? Is there a package of pie crust hidden underneath the bags of frozen dumplings? Or a mystery jar of meat sauce lurking in a back corner? If your freezer resembles a dark and mysterious junk shop, then take inspiration from these five enviably well-organized freezers. Clean, labeled, and dang-well organized!

5 Well-Organized Freezers

• 1 Freezer Smarts – at BHG. Isn’t this inspiring? Tiny containers of pesto, stock, and lemon juice. Separate bins for veggies and fish, and a stack of perfectly flattened bags of soup.

• 2 Organizers in the Freezer – at IHeart Organizing. I like how Jen uses easily-found, inexpensive office organizers to keep the freezer tidy. Easy to pull out and find what you need, and easy to clean, too!

• 3 Side-by-Side Freezer – at Organizing to Make Life Easier. Here’s a very nicely organized side-by-side freezer, with its skinny width and tall height. I find these harder to keep organized, but this is a great example.

• 4 Freezer Cooking Tips & Tricks – at Thrifty NW Mom. Here’s a good example of organizing freezer drawers, top and bottom.

• 5 Freezer Meals – at Southern Living. Once again, freezing things flat makes “filing” in the freezer a lot easier. I like the labels on these little packets.

How do you keep your freezer organized? Does your freezer actually look like any of these?

(Images: Better Homes & Gardens; Jen of IHeart Organizing; Jade of Organizing to Make Life Easier; Kristi for Thrifty NW Mom; Ralph Anderson/Southern Living)