5 Hot Drinks To Soothe a Cold

(Image credit: Ariel Knutson)

While we know that nothing can completely cure the common cold, there are certainly remedies to help ease the symptoms. And when your throat is burning up, your body aches, and you can’t stop the sniffles, a little something to soothe goes a long way. These five drinks, including a cough syrup for grown-ups and a ginger tumeric tea (among others), will do just that.

• 1 Bourbon Cough Syrup for Grownups, via The Kitchn: an easy nightcap, steaming and warm, with a stiff shot of booze to put you to sleep.
• 2 Hot Apple-Ginger Toddy, via The Kitchn: chunks of the spicy ginger root (thought to have some anti-viral properties) are perfect paired with lemon, apples, honey, and a little whiskey or applejack.
• 3 Rock and Rye, via Saveur: Spooned into tea or sipped straight, this spicy-sweet cordial is soothing relief for the sniffles.
• 4 Tumeric Ginger Tea, via The Kitchn: this non-alcoholic tea is made with soy milk and honey, which help balance the slightly bitter and pungent spices. The result is earthy and comforting.
• 5 Harvest Punch, via Beyond Kimchee: a Korean remedy for a cold, made with dried jujubees, pears, ginger, and cinnamon.

What are your favorite hot drinks (both boozy and not) to soothe cold symptoms?

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