5 DIY Treats for a Better Easter Basket

updated May 1, 2019
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As a kid, I really lucked out with Easter baskets. Since my dad was a single parent, a family friend took on the responsibility of making one for me and my sister and she always nailed it. There were plastic eggs filled with pastel-colored M&Ms and more jelly beans than I knew what to do with, as well as less common treats, like chocolates from the local candy shop.

Sadly, my Easter basket days are behind me, but if I had the chance to make a basket up for someone now, I’d be sure to spoil them like our friend spoiled me and my sister. And while I absolutely can’t argue with the pleasures of store-bought candy, recreating the holiday’s favorite sweets feels just a bit more special.

Here are 5 DIY treats that would make it into my ultimate Easter basket.

Chocolate Truffles

Perhaps molding your own chocolate bunny isn’t in the cards, but I’ll argue that chocolate truffles are an even sweeter chocolate treat. Their melt-in-your-mouth quality makes them 100 percent irresistible, plus they’re completely customizable. All chocolate truffles start by making a basic chocolate ganache, cooling it, and then rolling it into bite-sized balls. From there, you can get creative. Roll the balls in classic coatings like cocoa powder or chopped nuts, or opt for ingredients that will make them taste like your favorite candy bar.

Marshmallow Peeps

An Easter basket wouldn’t be an Easter basket without a few of those colorful marshmallow bunnies thrown in. But it’s hard to deny just how artificial grocery-store Peeps are. Make them yourself and you can rest easy knowing everything you’re putting into them. The best part is that they’re actually quite easy to do!

Peanut Butter Cups

Is there anything better than milk chocolate and peanut better? Quite possibly yes! When you make your own, you can start with that classic combination and have fun experimenting from there. Of course dark chocolate is a win, but don’t be afraid to give white chocolate a go either. For the filling, stir a little cinnamon into the peanut butter or forgo peanut butter completely and try another nut butter like almond, pecan, or even pumpkin seed butter.

Cadbury Eggs

I’ll admit that I could never get on board with Cadbury Creme Eggs, but for some people, Easter wouldn’t be complete without them. And for those people, I challenge you to make them yourself. Yes, they’re a little more complicated than most DIY candies, but they’re darn impressive and guaranteed to be more tasty.

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Jordan Almond Birdies (Image credit: Elizabeth Passarella)

Upgraded Jordan Almonds

Pretty pastel Jordan almonds are the perfect seasonal addition to an Easter basket. And while you could simply buy a few bags and toss them in among the fake grass, it’s not hard to turn them into something just a bit more unique. Add your own twist by decorating them with black and yellow icing to create little spring bluebirds.

Get the Recipe: Jordan Almond Birdies

Have you ever made your own Easter candy? What’s your favorite Easter basket treat?