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5 Desserts We Learned at Summer Camp

updated May 1, 2019
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Ah, summer camp — the place where we learned the importance of sunscreen, how to tie a square knot, and most importantly, what to cook on the campfire. Sure, there were hot dogs and foil-packet meals, but the real joy of summer camp was learning to make campfire desserts. Here are five of our favorite fire-cooked treats.

1. S’mores

Obviously, s’mores top the list of well-loved campfire treats, and for good reason — they are easy to make and infinitely customizable. The first record of a “some mores” recipe appeared in the Girl Scout of America’s Tramping and Trailing in 1923. S’mores are the original summer-camp dessert.

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2. Foil-Pack Fruit Crumble

There was always that one camp counselor trying keep us “healthy'” by serving fruit for dessert. Topping any fruit with a crispy oat topping (granola works in a pinch, too) and cooking them together in a foil packet in the dying coals is a quintessential summer treat.

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3. Dutch-Oven Fruit Cobbler

Dutch-oven cooking is a lost art form. I remember, not too fondly, that each girl at Girl Scout camp had to take a turn scrubbing and hauling the large Dutch oven that cooked our camp meals. Any fruit can become a rich, sweet cobbler with a little bit of sugar; a biscuit topping; and a long, slow cook over the campfire. This is a perfect place to use store-bought biscuit dough.

4. Campfire Cones

These treat-filled cones became popular on the web a few years ago, but they were always a favorite of campers in my camp counselor days. The beauty of the cone, as opposed to a traditional s’more, is that it requires very little tending to. Cones are also a great vessel for gooey sauces and juicy fruits, along with chocolate and marshmallows.

5. Banana Boats

This might be the best campfire dessert. Fruit, chocolate, marshmallows, and crisp graham cracker bits that you can cook over the campfire — no foil required. They are as comforting as banana pudding, and make for a satisfying treat after a long day of hiking.

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What are some of your favorite recipes for campfire desserts?