5 Dating Websites We Wish Were Real

(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

The number of websites out there dedicated to finding you a lover or partner is pretty astounding. There’s Tinder and Match, which cast a wide net, but then there are websites that are more focused on a specific interest or lifestyle. Farmers can find like-minded farmers for a roll in the hay. Gluten-free? Yes, a website for gluten-free singles actually exists.

But I think there’s something lacking for the home cook on today’s dating websites. How do you know if someone will be OK washing all your dishes? How do you know if someone will eat that spicy dish you love making? Here are five dating websites for cooks that I’m pretty sure need to exist immediately. Silicon Valley, I’m looking at you.

(Image credit: Monica Wang)

1. My One True Pizza

Who it’s for: For people who know that pizza is the best food on the planet.

How it works: This is exclusively an app. You enter basic information about yourself, followed by favorite pizza toppings, type of crust you like most, and best slice you’ve ever had. If two people swipe right on each others profile, it will show the nearest pizza place between them so they can meet up for a slice.

2. Farmers Market Hotties

Who it’s for: You remember that time you were at the farmers market and you caught the eye of that cutie near the seasonal tomatoes? The one with the tote bag that said “Kale Yeah!”? This dating website is full of those people.

How it works: Farmers Market Hotties is website-only. You enter a bunch of questions about yourself before you can message anyone. Do you like Honeycrisp apples or Macouns? What’s your favorite spring vegetable? Preferred footwear for visiting the market? The site will match you with people based on your answers.

3. Slow-Cooker Mingle

Who it’s for: This dating website is for people who dabble in the dark arts of slow-cooker magic.

How it works: Slow-Cooker Mingle sorts you into four houses based on your favorite thing to cook in your slow cooker (meat, soup, pasta, and drinks). You then have to pass a series of slow-cooker tests before you are matched with your soul mate.

(Image credit: Marcia Prentice)

4. Seeking Dish Washers

Who it’s for: For cooks who hate washing dishes and want to meet someone who loves to eat and will wash all your dishes without ever complaining.

How it works: When you sign up for Seeking Dish Washers you are asked one simple question: Do you like washing dishes? Then you are separated into “yes” or “no” based on your answer. If you are in the “no” category, you will only see people’s profiles that say “yes,” and vice versa.

5. Is This a Sandwich?

Who it’s for: Is a taco really just a sandwich? What about a hot dog? Is a layer cake really just a dessert sandwich? If you can’t stand the thought of someone disagreeing with you on this mater, this dating app will weed those people out for you.

How it works: This dating app will show you a bunch of images of food and you can swipe left if you think it’s not a sandwich, and right if you think it is a sandwich. The app will then show you profiles of people who agree with all of your answers.