5 Cute Supplies for Boxing Up Pie to Go

(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

When it comes to Thanksgiving doggie bags, I don’t usually recommend getting too cute. (Who has the time?) However, I make an exception for packing up leftover slices of pie. It’s extra work, but then you won’t get stuck with tons of extra dessert (I hear some actually people hate this!) and each slice doubles as a party favor.

Here are a few simple yet adorable supplies to help send those slices on the road with your guests.

  1. Kraft Wedge-Shaped Pie Box Kits, $30 at alamodo: Forget plastic containers that you’ll never get back — no matter how many times you tell your brother you expect them to be returned safely! — this kit comes with 25 disposable pie-shaped kraft boxes plus parchment, baker’s twine, and wooden forks.
  2. Gold Confetti Tags, $17 at Sugar Paper: Pick up a pack of 10 tags and use them to write people’s names, or just a short message about what you’re grateful for.
  3. Oboro Dot Fire Washi Tape, $3.50 at MT Tape: If you want to use containers you already have, just dress them up for the holiday with this festive tape. A single roll is 33 feet long, so you’ll have plenty.
  4. Liberty Betsy Treat Bags, $11 at Meri Meri: Turn these oh-so-cute bags on their sides and they’re perfect for toting plastic-wrapped slices of pie.
  5. Glitter Twine, $22 at knotandbow: Pieces of gold-and-black or silver-and-black twine will look lovely with slices of pumpkin or pecan pie. And, if you have any left, the twine will be great for Christmas treats, too.