5 Cheeky Food-Themed Shirts for Fall

(Image credit: State of Grace)

It’s getting cold out there. Are you prepared? These cheeky food-themed shirts can add an extra layer of warmth while you work on building up your own winter layer.

  1. Pizza Eating Shirt, $44 at State of Grace: Don’t worry, you can technically wear this slouchy long-sleeved tee while eating any number of comfort foods.
  2. Coffee Sweatshirt, $36 at Work It Wear: Put this on first thing in the morning and there will be no confusion about what has to happen in order to get the day started.
  3. Brunch Sweatshirt, $36 at I Can’t Even: Wear this on the weekends and everyone will know what team you’re really rooting for: the brunch team. Brunch is a sport, right?
  4. Netflix Nachos and Naps, $23 at Bittersweet USA: Forget chilling — you’d rather have your binge-fests with a side of nachos and naps. Because you’re an adult and you can do whatever you want.
  5. Let’s Taco Bout It, $30 at Spreadshirt: What’s that? Someone needs your help with a sticky situation? This sweatshirt (with a raw-edge neckline) will help lighten the mood. And you might even get a taco out of the deal.

What’s your favorite cooking shirt for fall?