5 Cool Getaway Lines So You Won’t Get Stuck at the Watercooler

(Image credit: Courtesy of Universal Studios)

It happens to the best of us — you’ve been staving off hunger for as long as possible, but Josh walked by with falafel and, well, it finally got the best of you. Or you’ve been inhaling the remnants of your first cup of coffee hoping to get some kind of contact high off the dregs. Or maybe you’ve resolved to be better about hydrating, even if it does mean you have to pee every hour on the hour.

Regardless, you make your way to the kitchen only to find Marianne holding court about her wedding. Again. It sounds like it’s going to be lovely, really, but do you have to hear one more time about how hard it is to find a decent cater waiters in Arkansas?

If this scenario is all too familiar, these easy-to-remember (and sure-to-not-offend) getaway lines will come in handy when in-and-out is easier said than done.

Take a gander and let us know your favorites in the comments.

1.So weird, I’m actually not hungry at all!

Phantom hunger pangs happen. Best of all, this excuse covers a myriad of situations.

2. Oh, is this the kitchen? Sorry, I was looking for conference room B!

This excuse works best around three or four in the afternoon, when everyone would rather be napping.

3. Don’t mind me — Karen just asked if I could grab her a Kind bar.

Karen is always asking everybody to grab her a Kind bar, so your audience will totally understand.

4. “What a great story, Mark. You should email me how it ends!”

This shows that you have a vested interest in the story, but not the time to hear all of it.

5. “Has anyone seen my mug?”

Implying that you’re on an office-wide hunt for your favorite drinking vessel is a legit (and covert) way to extract yourself from any sticky situation.