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5 Comforting Dinners from Around the World from Imma Adamu of Immaculate Bites

updated Dec 8, 2022
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Credit: Imma Adamu

California-based food blogger Imma Adamu has a passion for transforming pantry staples into weeknight meals that feel elegant yet effortless. Food is also her favorite way to explore different cultures, which she credits to living in a diverse city like Los Angeles.

Throughout her time at home during the pandemic, Imma found ways to travel the world from the comfort of her own home through different meals — one plate at a time. And this week, she shows you how to bring the adventure to your own kitchen.

Credit: Imma Adamu

5 Comforting Meals from Around the World

Whether you’ve had a rough week or are just craving something cozy, comfort food always does the trick. This meal plan shows you how easy it is to cook up comfort food from around the world without breaking a sweat.

Hopefully you’ll find this hassle-free meal plan helpful in making your week more fun and relaxing. Whether it’s just for you or your family, these meals will surely leave you satisfied — both in travel and belly.

Credit: Imma Adamu

Monday: Creamy Bacon Fettuccine Shrimp Scampi

Who doesn’t like pasta? I mean, it’s a go-to comfort food for any occasion. I personally love this Mediterranean-inspired pasta because it’s so beautifully balanced with fresh shrimp and smoky bacon. Plus the freshness of the lemon and tomatoes are also a nice partner to the creamy, garlicky goodness of the sauce and cheese.

Get the recipe: Creamy Bacon Fettuccine Shrimp Scampi

Credit: Imma Adamu

Tuesday: Grill Jerk Chicken Tacos

It’s everyone’s favorite day in the comfort-food calendar: taco Tuesday! These jerk chicken tacos are quick and easy, but taste like you put in a lot more effort. It all starts with a homemade Jamaican jerk seasoning that’s amped up with pineapple juice, garlic, and lime.

Get the recipe: Grill Jerk Chicken Tacos

Credit: Imma Adamu

Wednesday: Jollof Rice

It doesn’t get more comforting than rice. And from the preparation to the cooking, and even down to the dish-washing, this is an easy midweek meal. This Nigerian one-pot rice dish easily comes together with a few flavorful ingredients you can find in any grocery store. The heat of the pepper is mild, so it’s still good for the whole family. It’s good on its own, but you should also feel free to pair it with delicious meaty recipes such as chicken suya or a simple vegan cucumber tomato salad.

Get the recipe: Jollof Rice

Credit: Imma Adamu

Thursday: American Goulash

Goulash originally comes from Hungary and features chunky meats with a variety of veggies. American goulash, however, calls for ground beef and elbow macaroni. What’s great about this recipe is that you can get a little creative with it: Add some bell peppers, zucchini, mushroom, corn, beans, or almost anything you can think of to make it your own.  

Get the recipe: American Goulash

Credit: Imma Adamu

Friday: Chicken, Shrimp, and Sausage Gumbo

The American South boasts a lot of flavorful dishes because it’s a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines. This dish is literally a one-pot stew that blends different earthy and spicy flavors together. Normally the main components are chicken, seafood, or pork but with this recipe you won’t have to choose: We’re using them all.

Celebrate the last day of the work week with a bang. This is one of my favorite dishes because it includes the holy trinity of Southern cuisine: celery, onion, and bell peppers. Any leftovers will still be good for the weekend.

Thanks so much, Imma! Follow her on Instagram, YouTube, and her blog, Immaculate Bites for more of her delicious recipes.

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