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5 Chocolate Treats for Your Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

published Jan 30, 2017
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(Image credit: Peyton Frank)

This month we partnered with the Astrotwins to reveal the ways your zodiac sign informs your chocolate preferences. According to the Astrotwins, “Each zodiac sign has a distinct set of personality traits — and believe it or not, there’s a chocolate recipe out there to match every horoscope sign.”

For you, Scorpio, chocolate is all about intensity, mystery, and sensuality. That’s why something like a molten lava chocolate cake appeals. This restaurant classic is more than its reputation as the restaurant week dessert stalwart (we’ve all seen that scene from Chef, right?). It’s a dessert whose true gift — that river of warm, rich chocolate — is buried deep within, just waiting to be revealed.

Molten chocolate cake is just the beginning for you, since there are a number of chocolatey treats that deliver on intensity and also the sweetness within. We’ve rounded up a few favorites we think you’ll love.

(Image credit: Maria Siriano)

Since you’re a lover of intensity, why settle for a tiny, individual molten chocolate cake when you can serve yourself seconds of this large-format version, with a tunnel of fudge running throughout?

(Image credit: Nealey Dozier)

Sweet surprises are your pleasure, which is why these truffles are your jam. Just when you expect to bite into a basic chocolate ganache filling, you’re greeted by buttery graham cracker crumbs, sweet coconut, and crunchy toffee bits and pecans among the chocolate.

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

The mystery here is that these brownies are only made with two ingredients — Nutella and eggs — and yet, the result is something that’s incredibly rich and packed with all the chocolatey goodness you crave.

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

Deep down, Scorpios are softies and this warm and gooey cake speaks to that. The soft and sensitive side within really just wants to cozy up on the couch with something decadent and seriously comforting — just don’t forget the scoop of ice cream on top.

(Image credit: Kaitlin Flannery)

Although the rich chocolate innards practically ooze out of these buttery pastries, leaving the surprise filling known, that won’t stop a Scorpio from finding full pleasure in them.